Survey on LGBTQI2S inclusion in Canadian secondary schools

CHSS Students, we encourage you to participate this national survey on LGBTQI2S inclusion in Canadian secondary schools with your networks and students and support their participation.  

Quick facts:

  • All students – LGBTQI2S and non-LGBTQI2S – are encouraged to participate.
  • Individuals 14 years or older who are currently enrolled, have recently dropped out of, or have graduated from high school (secondary school) in the past year are qualified to participate.
  • All responses are anonymous.
  • The survey will be live from April 4th-June 30th, 2019.
  • The final report/results will be published on Egale’s website by January 2020.
  • The survey can be found at

Ten years after a revealing first national survey which resulted in the Every Class in Every School (2012) report and a national Safer Schools program, Egale Canada – Canada’s national LGBTQI2S organization – has officially launched a second national survey on LGBTQI2S inclusion in Canadian secondary schools.

The second national survey will help us better understand the discrimination faced by LGBTQI2S secondary students across Canada and provide policy makers, educator and students with data, tools and resources to continue to create safer and more inclusive school environments nationwide.

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