Mr. Ashmore & Mr. Barak

Metal 10-12B  Metalwork 10-12B – Edmodo Invite – Ashmore

Wood 10-12B Woodwork Block 1 – Edmodo Invite – Ashmore

Careers 10B – Careers – Youth Explore Trades


Mr. Ashmore and Mr. Barak will be using Edmodo to deliver curriculum please click on the links above for the course code for each class.   If you have not heard from Mr. Ashmore please email him or Mr. Barak:

” please got edmodo and “like” the Monday post on or before Thursday for attendance.”


If you have forgotten your school email password, please call the school 250-624-5031 (press zero) and speak to Ms. Atchison directly and she will change your password.


Woodwork block 1

As we continue to try to teach and learn at this time without being able to meet. Mr. Ashmore has come up with some assignments and projects that will move your skill set forward. Do the work, and we will get there.


April 7- 30                                   modern furniture design


Please take a look at 3 web sites:

As furniture makers we are no longer limited to thinking in 90 degree angles. So your assignment is to:

Ideation sketches -6 small drawings showing what you want to build

Choose one of your designs draw it out using rough measurements.

Use metric measurements for this. Then is not so hard to get right.

In 1/5 scale build your design using any kind of stiff paper stock (card board, the material in a cereal box,) it doesn’t really matter as long as the material will supports itself.  Construct using tape, hot glue to put parts together.

For example if I have a measurement of 100mm then at 1/5 scale the card part will measure 20mm.

Basically whatever the life measurement is ….divide by 5 and you have 1/5 scale


Take picture of your designs, sketches, and model and email them to


Metal work block 2

As we continue to try to teach and learn at this time without being able to meet. I have come up with some assignments and projects that will move your skill set forward. Do the work, and we will get there.

April 7-30

  • Design

With using different materials i.e. wood and metal design a piece. It can be furniture, sculpture or whatever.

Draw 6 ideation sketches.

Choose 1 design

Put measurements on to choice of designs as if we were to build.

  • Research project

500 words on your choice of topics

  1. The history of metals.
  2. Metals and its impact on societies
  3. Mining in B.C. types of mines- below ground, strip mine etc.
  4. Environmental impact vs economic benefits

Submit your complete work by email to


Mays’ class work                                 Manufacturing  Added value 

The basic principle of any design project is asking a series of questions. What do I want to make? How will it look? What materials will I use? What will it cost to make? Once we have those basic questions answered then we can start building on the furniture design principles, and as designers, how do we create added value to what we make? 

Added value means what can we do to make our piece unique and reflect our sense of aesthetics. One of ways open to us is to use technology to help us do this. This year the school purchased a good Cad-Cam (Computer Aided DraftingComputer Aided Manufacturing) program called V-Carve Pro. It is an easy program to use. It just requires some practice. 

To this end here is what you are to do.  

                                                                     Download the trial version V carve pro 


 Look at 3 getting started videos  

  •  Avalon Nameplate 
  •  Bulls Head 
  •  Open Sign 


The next set of videos are about drawing using V Carve 

  •   Introduction to Drawing 
  •   Image to Vector Logo 
  •   Profile Toolpath Guide 
  •  Pocket Toolpath Guide 


After watching the videos please play in the program and get comfortable with it 

There will be a small quiz asking some questions about how to use the V carve program. You will be able to do the quiz in Edmodo after May 17.  


As always, I will be available to answer any questions you might have through email or messenger in edmodo 


May class work                Metal work   


One of the most important skills in metal work to develop is the ability to join metals together. There are various ways to do this. This unit will focus on those ways.  

 Identify the ways to join metals. Use the “net” to help. 

When looking at welding, watch the videos that focus on safety first, then on how to do it. Welding requires four things to be correct for it to be a good weld.  

There will be a small quiz that will focus on the methods, safety requirements, and welding theory.  You will be able to do the quiz any time after May 17.