Scholarship and Bursary Opportunities

Yconic is a good website to look at for scholarship opportunities.

Below is a list of scholarship opportunities from the website

Scholarship Resources


Scholarship season is fully underway. There is currently 7.5 Million Dollars worth of scholarships that are open for applications on ScholarTree! Once students complete their profile they will be matched to all of the awards that they qualify for.

We know now is when students start to plan for next year financially. So we wanted to remind you that there is a downloadable budget template available to everyone at the bottom of

Additionally, here are a couple of scholarships that are available now:


ScholarTree is back for another year of helping graduating students find scholarships. Over the summer we added over 100 new awards to ScholarTree.

Since it is early in the year, here are some of our blogs that may be useful to students looking to apply to scholarships this year:

Additionally, here are a couple of significant scholarships that are available now:


Johnson Insurance – Scholarship Program 2019

Johnson Insurance is proud to offer 50 scholarships, valued at $1000 each, to students completing high school in 2019 and starting post-secondary education in the Fall. Find out more.


BCRPVPA Scholarships

The BC Retired PVPA annually awards up to five $1000 scholarships to students who are graduating from the BC public school system and who will proceed to an accredited post-secondary institution in Canada.  Students can apply to BC Retired PVPA Scholarships even if they have applied for a scholarship with the BCPVPA.

Completed applications must be postmarked by September 30.

Find out more


In District Scholarships and Bursaries 

Scholarship booklet 2019


Engineers & Geo-scientists B.C. 

For more information:

Information from

March break is the perfect time for students to focus on applying to scholarships. March is the months where the most amount of scholarships are available to graduating students. With this in mind, we published the 6 most common mistakes we see in scholarship applications blog. These mistakes cause over 25% of scholarship applications to be disqualified from consideration. You can subscribe to the blog at the bottom of any blog so that you never miss an update.

We are still working hard to grow the different types of scholarships we have available for students. Here is an example of a scholarship for students who are interested in skill trades (millwright, industrial maintenance or engineering technician)


BCIT is pleased to announce that the following Entrance Awards are available to students who are planning to attend BCIT commencing April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020.

  • Up to 25 BCIT President’s Entrance Awards, available only to current High School students
    • Valued up to $4,000 each.
    • Deadline: August 5, 2019
  • Over 125 additional BCIT Entrance Awards
    • Valued up to $6,000 each.
    • Deadlines: August 5, 2019 and/or January 6, 2020

More information about BCIT Entrance Awards and the application forms can be found at



The Ingenium Foundation is offering prizes of $25,000 each for five Canadian youth towards a post-secondary education in a science, technology, engineering, arts or math (STEAM) program.

Visit the 2019 Steam Horizon Awards website for more information:


Bursary opportunity from the credit union:


Irving K Barber Scholarship Opportunities 

Home – Irving K Barber

Make Your Future The Irving K Barber British Columbia Scholarship Society provides scholarships and financial awards to help British Columbia post-secondary…



The BCPVPA annually awards up to 20 scholarships, in the amount of $1000 each, to students who are graduating from the BC public school system and will proceed to a post-secondary institution. Completed applications are due by Friday, September 21, 2018



More information about the BCIT Entrance Awards click below:

3518_sfaa_entrance_awards_booklet_FINAL WEB




Loran Scholarship

The selection of a Loran Scholar is unique in its attention to a young person’s character. We believe that integrity, courage, grit and personal autonomy are better indicators of overall potential than standard academic measures. To discover these traits, we administer the most comprehensive and thorough scholarship selection process in Canada.

Tenable at 25 partner universities, the Loran Award is valued at $100,000 over four years, including mentorship, funding for summer internships and participation in an extensive network of past and present scholars. This year, we are offering up to 34 Loran Awards. In addition, we will grant up to 104 finalist and provincial awards ($5,000 or $2,000 each, respectively) to promising candidates.


2017-18 District Scholarship and Bursary Booklet

(Reference Only- Not Applicable for 2018-19)

Scholarship booklet 2018