Opportunities through the Canadian Armed Forces

There are a number of Indigenous Programs offered by the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF):



  • Aboriginal Leadership Opportunities Year (ALOY)
  • Summer Training Programs (including Bold Eagle)
  • Raven in Esquimalt BC
  • Black Bear in Gagetown New Brunswick. Raven and Black Bear are completely equivalent to Bold Eagle, just in a different location.




To apply for one of the Indigenous Summer Programs, interested parties must be 16 at the time of application, and will need to complete Gr 10 prior to the start of training. Applicants will be enrolled in the CAF Primary Reserve for the training period, and released at the completion of the training period, unless they choose to remain in the Primary Reserve or transfer to the Regular Force. That is to say, there is no long-term commitment to the CAF based on participation in an Indigenous program, unless one should choose further service after Indigenous program completion.


To apply, the Bold Eagle web page (above) has the link for the portal for the online application.


There is also the option, embedded in the Bold Eagle web page above, to select links for downloadable PDF forms that can be filled out with computer or by hand, and sent to the closest Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre (CFRC), which is by province. Alternatively, you may send your name and address to this office or your applicable CFRC and an application package will be mailed to you.


If your application successfully passes the initial screening requirements, you will potentially be contacted by your closest Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre (CFRC), located in Winnipeg, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Victoria. They will schedule an appointment and arrange transportation and lodging if required to facilitate further processing, which will consist of an interview, a fitness test (Google Canadian Armed Forces FORCE test), and a medical exam. If successful, your file will be sent for further processing.


The application window is from 1 Sep to 30 Apr annually, and the program runs from the first week of July until the middle of August each year.


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