Local Scholarship and Bursary Package- Due May 19, 2020

The link below is the application package and awards booklet. It is important to note that we have still not received confirmation for some of the awards due to the Covid Pandemic, but wanted to get the information out to you.

Scholarship and Bursary Package 2020 Charles Hays Secondary


You need to fill out 1 general application and attach your personal essay.

Scholarship and Bursary Application Form 2020


There are also the organizations that need a copy of the application, essay and in some cases like the Port an additional essay and transcript. We would like you to make up packages for these organizations (listed in the application package and hand these in to Ms. Bryant/Ms. Offutt by May 19, 2020.


If you need a copy of your transcript please email alisha.kennedy@sd52.bc.ca


Ms. Bryant and Ms. Offutt can also be emailed if you have any questions. lonni.bryant@sd52.bc.ca  kathy.offutt@sd52.bc.ca


Good luck,

Kathy Offutt

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