Families of CHSS- Updated

We have had a few inquiries from families wishing to keep their child home due to COVID-19.  This is a family choice and we respect whatever decision you feel is best for your household.  If a student is sick, awaiting a COVID-19 test, or staying home at the request of Northern Health, we will provide homework packages to help your child stay caught up.

We can provide work for short absences, or while a student is under self-isolation orders from Northern Health.  Extended absences are more difficult as our teachers run lessons that are based on classroom participation, demonstration, conversation, process work, and in-class feedback.  A formal Distance Learning model would be better suited to any student’s success in a course. If you believe that your child will be absent for an extended period of time:

1) We can try to rebook your student into the class later in the year if the course is available and there is space.

2) You can contact a Distance Learning school, such as EBUS and enroll in a grade 10-12 course.  This is also pending availability.

We have new courses starting every 22 days.  The next term begins on March 8th, but we welcome students to return at anytime.

We have a District Connect program available to students in special situations where there is a health concern.  This program requires a doctor’s note.

Please contact the school and we can help you to pick the best option for your student and family. 




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