Business Education

Aboriginal Entrepreneurship 11


What do Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and Oprah Winfrey have in common? They are all billionaires! How? They started their own companies! The skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur are invaluable in society and this course is designed to develop those skills. In this course, you create your own micro-business with the help and support of various community members. Moreover, you get to network with the community, go on field trips, and pitch your micro-business Dragon Den Style!

Aboriginal Entrepreneurship 12
Prerequisite:  Aboriginal Entrepreneurship 11


In Aboriginal Entrepreneurship 12, you expand on your business plans created in Aboriginal Entrepreneurship 12. Throughout this second half of the course, you will get to focus on how promotion & advertising techniques, as well as digital media skill development can develop your business further. At the end of this course, you will participate in a Trade Show where you market your business to community members. In addition, you will explore the tourism industry, which gives you the opportunity to participate in field trips and excursions. By the end of this course, you will have the option to launch your business with provided start-up funds.

 Marketing and Promotion 11


T.V. commercials, social media, YouTube Ads, and the stock market are just a few topics covered in this course. In it, you will explore how to convince consumers to buy your product via creative and impactful marketing techniques. Innovate, invent, and sell!

 Accounting 11

Prerequisite:  Math 9


Give yourself an advantage! Learn accounting concepts and skills that will form a sound basis for financial record keeping. If you are thinking of business as a career, work in business, or operate their own enterprises, then the information learned in this course is fundamental. It is also important to learn how to manage your own finances. This course will teach you skills in both Microsoft Excel and Sage Simply Accounting Software.

P.S. Becoming an certified professional accountant gives you access to travel, a high salary, and diversity in career options.

Accounting 12                                                                                          

Prerequisite:  Accounting 11


Continue your accounting studies with the focus of merchandise accounting. In this course, you focus on inventory, payroll, and an alternative journal/ledger system. Take this course if you wish to further your development of Sage Simply Accounting and Microsoft Excel Skills.

Something very cool! This is a dual credit course, that allows you to get credit for Coast Mountain College’s Financial Accounting 150 course. At the end of Accounting 12, you have the opportunity to write CMC exam and if you receive 80% or higher, you receive the dual-credit!

Entrepreneurship and Marketing 10


Not sure what the business world is about? Curious? Then take this introductory course. In it, you will get to sample the various industries in business such as creating your own micro-business, working for other businesses, and learning how to sell ideas to the public. Since business is such a vast field, topics could range from big corporations, to local business, to politics, to how to make food in commercials look appetizing.


Leadership 9/10/11/12 (2 Credits) – Outside of the Timetable

Are you interested in making CHSS the best it can be? Then this course is for you!  This is Student Council with course credit.  Students will meet once a week at lunchtime as a full class and will attend other small committee meetings at various times including Flex, lunch or afterschool as needed. The class will work in many initiatives to improve CHSS including the organizing and administration of events such as holiday activities, school improvement, staff appreciation, Student Voice Forum, food drive, civic pride, fund raising, and spirit activities. The class will cover skills in time management, public speaking, meeting management, event organizing, public relations, reflection and evaluation.