Career Preparation-WEX, YETS, Youth Train in Trades and Youth Work in Trades

Work Experience 12A (4 credits) and 12B (4 credits)                                                      

 Prerequisites:  In Grade 12, plus must be motivated and willing to work for free for 100 hours.  Must have excellent attendance and punctuality.  There are 2 Work Experience 12 courses, both earn students 4 credits.  Work Experience 12A must be completed before Work Experience 12B can be taken.

The Work Experience 12 courses provide students with the opportunity to experience a variety of work placements and occupations of their choosing.  By completing 100 hours of on-site work throughout the trimester, students will be able to confirm whether certain occupations are right for them.  These courses are scheduled into Periods 1 and 2, Periods 4 and 5, Period 5 and after school, and after school.  Students do not meet regularly in a classroom, as these courses convene each day for students somewhere in the community.

So, why take these courses?  You can test your future, perhaps get part-time work, increase your satisfaction with work, and do better in school.  Research shows that WEX 12 students generally do better in their studies (Ministry of Education, 1993).  There are no exams and no papers, just you working in a variety of jobs to get a glimpse of your future.

See Miss Enns in the Careers Office (Room 311) for more information.


 Youth EXPLORE Trades Sampler (YETS) – Formerly Intro to Trades                   

 Prerequisites:  In Grade 10 or 11, plus must be interested in the trades.  Must have excellent attendance and punctuality.

Youth EXPLORE Trades Sampler (YETS) gives students the opportunity to sample 5 trades before committing to Youth TRAIN in Trades and/or Youth WORK in Trades.  YETS assists students in making an informed choice regarding their future choice of studies.  This course helps students gain a clearer understanding of the standards, material, instructional methods, and academic performance associated with apprenticeship training.  YETS provides a well-aligned entry point into additional tuition free dual credit Youth TRAIN in Trades programs delivered by Coast Mountain College.

The trades offered by Youth EXPLORE Trades Sampler are carpentry, electrical, plumbing, mechanical (automotive, small engine, and heavy duty), and welding.  Students in the YETS program take their other courses in Trimesters 1 and 2, and the YETS program in Trimester 3.

As this program is offered by both School District #52 (Prince Rupert) and Coast Mountain College, all registered students are required to follow the Code of Conduct for both institutions.

See Miss Enns in the Careers Office (Room 311) for more information.


 Youth TRAIN in Trades                                                                                                  

 The Youth TRAIN in Trades program offers apprenticeship training in specific trades at Coast Mountain College while the students continue to be enrolled in high school.  These entry level trades training programs prepare students for employment and an eventual apprenticeship.  Eligible students attend Coast Mountain College full-time, but must complete their high school courses either before or after taking their trades program.

Secondary school graduation eligibility is maintained as Youth TRAIN in Trades enrollment provide 16 credits toward the Secondary School Dogwood diploma upon completion (70% or better in both the technical course work and the final written examination).

General Qualifications:

  1. Have parent/guardian permission,
  2. Completing 60 credits to date at the time of application,
  3. Passing Grade 11 courses with a C+ average or better,
  4. Will pass English 11 or Communications 11 with a final mark of C (60%) or better,
  5. Will pass AW Math or FOM 11 or PREC 11 with a final mark of C (60%) or better,
  6. Have an average attendance record to date,
  7. Completed the application package as directed, and
  8. Attended an interview, if required.


Coast Mountain College offers a variety of trades programs, including Automotive Service Tech Foundations, Carpentry Foundations, Electrical Foundations, Hairstylist Foundations, Heavy Mechanical Foundations, Millwright Foundations, Professional Cook Level 1, and Welding Foundations.

As students in this program are enrolled with both School District #52 (Prince Rupert) and Coast Mountain College, they are required to follow the Code of Conduct for both institutions.

See Miss Enns in the Careers Office (Room 311) for more information and an application package.


Youth WORK in Trades                                                                                                 

This program allows students to access the Provincial Apprenticeship system while still in high school.  For every 120 hours worked with a qualified journeyperson (Red Seal) in a local trade, students earn 4 credits towards their Secondary School Dogwood diploma to a maximum of 16 credits or 4 courses (TRN 11A, 11B, 12A, and 12B).


  1. Have parent/guardian permission,
  2. 15 year of age or older,
  3. Enrolled in Grade 10, 11, or 12,
  4. Have paid work in an apprenticeable trade,
  5. Have a Certified Tradesperson as a sponsor, and
  6. Provide your own transportation.

If you are working part-time with a local tradesperson, you may be able to start an apprenticeship and continue to work part-time after school, on weekends, or during the summer.  This allows to you to earn (money, apprenticeship hours, and high school credits) while you learn.  Youth WORK in Trades gets you a head start on your career while you are still in high school.

See Miss Enns in the Careers Office (Room 311) for more information.

Parents/guardians, if you are a Certified Tradesperson, or employed by one, and are interested in this program, please contact Susan Enns at 250-624-5031 or