Core French

French 9

Prerequisite: French 8 or permission of the instructor.

In French 9, emphasis is put on verbal communication.  Topics include: Communication in the future and past tenses about music, cinema, celebrations and friendship, publicity, communication, family, and environment.  Final evaluation will be performed orally.


French 10 

Prerequisite: French 9 (C+ recommended) or permission of the instructor.

Now that you’ve mastered some basic skills in French, enhance your linguistic journey by continuing on in French 10.  Often called the most creative year in core French studies at CHSS, French 10 takes you on a voyage through fairy tale lands, French cuisine, embarrassing body ailments, and how annoying your siblings can be around the house.  Explore your hopes and dreams as you plan your future career opportunities.  Step into the shoes of Van Gogh and create a masterpiece in his artistic style.  Have fun, and expand your fluency!


French 11

Prerequisite: French 10 or permission of the instructor.

There’s a reason why the topics covered in French 11 are for older students:  in this class, we learn about and discuss issues surrounding friendship, love, drug use, and  French wine culture.  We learn new vocabulary and tenses so that you can express your opinions and discuss points of view.  Imagine the role play that could be done with our French 11 topics!  On a slightly less exciting note, we also learn about ecological issues, and write a play which we take on the road (to the middle school).  Continue your path to fluency through our peek into some fascinating aspects of French culture.