MOSAIC: Drama 9


Students will be given a basic understanding of the world of theatre while developing performance skills which will help both on stage and in every day communications.  Mime, choral speaking, improvisation, scene creation, and short script work are the main components of this course.


Musical Theatre 9 (Outside the Timetable)

Prerequisite:  Successful Audition


This course is essentially the production of a major musical.  Students learn the value of developing community, supporting the ensemble, and lifelong confidence in performance skills as they gain knowledge of the basic disciplines of singing, acting & dancing.  Students will audition for this course shortly after the fall trimester starts.  Priority of casting (this applies to lead roles as well) will go to those students in the senior grades wherever possible.  However, depending on the requirements of the script, it is possible for a Grade 9 or 10 student(s) to earn a lead role.  It is expected that students in the senior grades will take on larger roles when requested, and share their experience by acting as mentors to the younger students.  Rehearsals/classes are held after school hours and there will be three public performances of the entire musical production for the community.  This 4-credit course will end in mid-December, as the necessary hours will have been met by that time.


Musical Theatre 10-12 (Outside the timetable)


This course is essentially the production of a full-length musical that will be presented three times for the public at the Lester Centre of the Arts. Students will experience the audition, rehearsal, and performance techniques specific to the musical theatre disciplines of drama, music and dance. They will learn the roles of performer, crew and audiences.  Musical Theatre classes/rehearsals happen outside of the regular timetable; this is a 4-credit course. No prior experience is necessary.

Prerequisite: Successful audition


Drama 10, 11, 12



In Drama 10-12 classes, students will create, rehearse and refine a variety of dramatic works through collaborative and individual presentation or performance. Most presentations will be done in class; however, there is sometimes an opportunity for public performances as well.  In addition, drama students may have the chance to work with student directors on original or published script-work. Drama students will study character development; a variety of genres and cultures including First Peoples; theatre history and contemporary works; the role of the performer, audience and venue; and dramatic elements such as movement, sound, image and form. Theatre games and improvisation will also be part of the curriculum as they are an important part of the actor’s development.


Directing and Script Development 11, 12


Directing and Script Development is an advanced theatre course for students with some experience in theatre.  Students will explore, create, and refine dramatic works.  They will write and direct for an intended audience or with an intended message.  The course will involve play studies to learn the literary techniques, devices and forms as applied to scriptwriting. Students will lead small and large groups to learn the practices related to a variety of directing environments.

Prerequisite: Students wishing to take Directing and Script Development should have at least a C+ average in English and had some experience in theatre (e.g. acting classes, musical theatre productions, back stage work)


Theatre Production 10, 11, 12 (Outside the Timetable)

Prerequisite: Teacher/Director permission


This is an advanced theatre course for students with some previous experience in backstage or technical theatre, often students who have volunteered for a production in the past. Theatre Production students are the stage managers for the annual musical production. They will work collaboratively with the production team and the performers. Production students will learn about production design, technical theatre and theatre management as they take on various production roles, attend rehearsals, and work on the set, props and/or costumes for the production. Classes run outside the timetable; this is a 4-credit course.


It is possible for students to take a 2 credit version of this course in which students are part of the back stage crew and work on the set, props and/or costumes but do not have the stage management responsibilities of attending and supporting all of the preliminary rehearsals. This is recommended for grade 10 students who may be interested in stage-managing in their senior years.