Grade 12 Information 2020-2021

New Student Transcripts Service (STS) how-to videos are now available for viewing:

Students interested in signing up for StudentTranscripts Service can now view three quick videos on signing up for STS and options for sending their transcripts. Click here  to view the videos.

Order Transcripts & Certificates – Province of British Columbia

Information about B.C. student transcripts and certificates. You will receive your graduation certificate at no charge from your school once you have met graduation requirements.



Among the varied and often confusing aspects of planning for post-secondary is the myriad of different deadlines – especially when it comes to applying for admission to 1st year university.

While the majority of BC universities and colleges have flexible admission processes to first year university in most programs, the three largest BC public universities along with one specialty institution have very early 2021 deadlines that students cannot miss if they want to be considered. Here are these deadline dates to apply for 1st year admission in September 2021:

UBC: Application deadline for all programs is January 15th, 2021
SFU: Application deadline for all programs is October 1st – January 31, 2021
UVIC: Application deadline-all programs is January 31st 2021
Emily Carr University: Admission deadline is January 15 to all programs.