General Grade 12 Information

Grade 12 Post Secondary Application Process


  1. Check the website of the university that you are interested attending and check their admission requirements for the program that you want to enter. Most university programs require you to have completed specific high school courses first. Sometimes students may have to upgrade.
  2. Most universities in BC require students to use BC Education Planner to start the application process:
    1. You will need to create an account and select a university/ies of your choice and BC Education Planner will send all your info to that university.
    2. There is an application fee for every university that you apply to. You will need access to a credit card. You will also need your Personal Education Number. You will find the number on your report card where is says “Student PEN”
    3. The university that you applied to will send you an email to let you know if you have been accepted or not. You may not get an email for a couple of weeks. This email is very important as it will have information and steps that you will need to take in order to complete your application process.
    4. When in doubt or have a question, contact the register’s office at the university right away. They are there to guide you and answer any questions that you might have.
    5. I have added the links for BC Education Planner. One of the links helps to explain the application process:
  3. BC School Transcripts: You will also need to create an account that allows you to send transcripts to universities. It is a bit difficult to explain so I added links with help videos that explains the entire process. Each video is about 5 minutes. Watch all 3 videos.
    1. Transcript Help Videos:
    2. Google: “Student Transcript Service”
  4. I have included application deadline links for some BC universities and colleges. Please double check the application deadlines as universities sometimes adjust their websites.

Potential Provincial and National Scholarship Opportunities

Credit Union:

Links to Scholarship opportunities: